In the IGSA Industrial Ginés blog we have a specialized section on electricity and electric equipment, maintenance and precautions, we can also find a special section to get electrical tools. We teach tricks, tutorials and how to carry out good maintenance.

  • Earth dam: What it is, where it is placed and what it is for
  • Electric Switch: what it is, how it works and types of switches
  • How to save on the electricity bill?
  • Most used electrical tools and what they are for
  • How to hide cables without rubbing?
  • Equivalence between LED and normal light
  • Current generators: what they are, how they work and what they are for
  • How to change a fluorescent to LED
  • How to prevent electrical hazards
  • Illuminate your home sustainably
  • Electrical panels: Everything you need to know
  • Everything you need to know about electrical cables
  • What should I consider before doing an electrical installation?
  • 5 Tips for choosing good electrical equipment

We will be able to see articles related to electrical cables, current generators, hiding cables, electrical tools, electrical switches, electrical panels, etc.

In the IGSA Industrial Ginés blog you will find articles on electricity and electrical tools, tricks, tutorials and useful advice for their installation and maintenance.